PeopleVine combines an assortment of CRM, marketing, eCommerce, and customer engagement tools into one easy-to-use, fully automated platform.


  • Keep track of your contacts

  • View customer demographics and market segmentation


  • Create an eCommerce marketplace

  • Set up recurring billing


  • Create events and manage ticketing

  • Set appointments and reservations


  • Create compelling loyalty programs and reward customer activities

  • Deliver points or coupons and easily monitor redemption


  • Create landing pages, surveys, and fill-in forms for your website

  • Ask for ratings and reviews

  • Launch contests that are as simple to create as they are to enter


  • Send email newsletters and SMS notifications

  • Schedule social media posts and connect with key followers

And much more... The variety and adaptability of our tools make for infinite engagement opportunities. Explore the Features and Tools section of our help center to learn more!

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