PeopleVine supports a real-time integration with Eventbrite allowing all new events, changes to your event and orders placed to sync back to the PeopleVine environment. Not only does it increase the data stored on a customer profile, but it also provides the ability to kick-off targeted and timely marketing for your event attendees.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. In Eventbrite go to My Account / Webhooks and click on Add Webhook

  2. In the Payload URL enter

  3. Select All Events (if you want to sync all events or you will need to setup a new webhook for each event).

  4. Check click to activate all actions, this will ensure that all events created, updated and orders sync back to PeopleVine.

  5. After you create it, we will now accept data from Eventbrite to your PeopleVine account.

Now setup the authentication with Eventbrite in PeopleVine by following these steps:

  1. In a separate window, login to your PeopleVine account.

  2. Click on your company name and then Integrated Platforms. Then click on Eventbrite.

  3. Simply enter the Webhook ID generated by Eventbrite into PeopleVine.

Once completed your Eventbrite integration, our systems will now stay in contact.

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