First off, you ened to setup a business directory. Here you'll add the basic profile, photos, etc. along with adding the contacts. If you manage all contacts, you can see an option to change the contact type.

Once done, you can implement this simple HAPI:

Show All in Directory

<li data-pv-component="directory" data-pv-type="business" data-pv-parameters="{category_no: 3871, returnTotal: 100}">
<a href="affinity-clubs-list.php?action=view&amp;id=0"></a>

View Directory Profile

<div class="left cols" data-pv-component="directory" data-pv-type="business" data-pv-parameters="{business_no: {@q:id@}, includeContacts: true}"> 
<div class="pad">
<div data-pv-repeater="contacts">
<li> <b>{@customer.first_name@} {@customer.last_name@}</b><br> <a href="mailto:{}">{}</a><br> <br>
<div data-pv-element="about">About Bio Here</div>
</div><!--end .pad-->
</div><!--end .left-->

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