You can prompt an applicant to complete information for thier spouse or partner and separate that data in the 2nd person's CRM profile.  Folllow these steps to setup the application:

  1. Setup the forms you would like to include in the application flow.  When setting up the form for the spouse/partner, make sure you select the box Generate a new CRM record when completed in order to generate their CRM record.
  2. Make sure that all your spouse/partner questions are on the single form noteed with Generate a new CRM record.... 
  3. Assign the forms to the application.  We recommend adding the spouse/partner form to the end.
  4. Now when your applicant completes the application, the CRM will setup the records appropriately by linking the 2 CRM records, completing the application on the main person and ensuring the attributes were tagged to the new CRM profile generated.
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