The PeopleVine Page Builder gives you WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) capabilities on top of dynamically generated landing pages. With the Page Builder you can add or modify content, swap out images and re-arrange content in rows and columns with ease. All of this while seeing your web site in Live View, exactly how your visitors would see it.

You can either start by creating a new page and selecting the Page Builder or setup a template that can be used to generate the page structure. To leverage the Page Builder, follow these steps:

Building a Landing Page (no template)

  1. Go to Engage --> Content --> Build a Page

  2. Select the option to continue in Page Builder and you're now editing live in the PeopleVine Page Builder.

Leveraging a Template in the Page Builder

// Editable Text Element  :  data-pv-text="true"
// Editable Image Element :  data-pv-image="true"
// Sortable Elements      :  data-pv-move="true"

For complete control place these tags at the outer most DOM element to give them complete control over modifying text and ordering.  However the data-pv-image tag must be placed on each image you want someone to modify.  Also it is recommended to place data-editable on the individual blocks you want people to modify (as the font toolbar will position itself for easier editing).

3. Set the template as a "Page Builder" template and save.
4. Once your template is complete, the next time someone builds a page using this template, they will have the freedom to modify content, images and the ordering of elements (or what you give them control to do).

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