You can import your existing contacts/people directly into the PeopleVine CRM from a CSV file 

Export out of an Existing Service:

Some Things to Know

Here are some tips when setting up your file for import:

  • Be sure to save/convert your file to a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.
  • We recommend you add attributes to the file, to further segment your list. Simply add a new column and enter the name of this attribute in Row 1. You can then enter the value for each person in each row. (see image below)
  • Our system will automatically merge any data associated with the same email address or mobile number

Import Contacts into PeopleVine

Once logged into PeopleVine, navigate to the control panel by click the ⚙ cog icon on the right hand side.

Select Import Customers under Settings and Tools. 

From this screen choose a .CSV file of customers you would like to import and select 'Load File'

We will now display all the headers from Row 1 and display the ability to map your data to PeopleVine CRM.  

A few things you should know: Mapping is used to attach the data to a CRM record. You must map either email address or mobile number (or nothing will import) If we find an existing email address or mobile number, we'll update their data to prevent duplicate records.

**Choose an Import Label if you would like to segment this group with an Import Label Attribute

Once everything is mapped, click Process Import.

We will send you an email confirmation when the import is complete.

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