PeopleVine provides a ton of out of the box / turn-key pages for use on your website. It truly simplifies the need to build a custom page, but we want you to have creative freedom if you decide to.

This feature is currently available for the following URLs:

  • /404 - File Not Found
    (keyword: 404)
  • /terms - Terms and Conditions
    (keyword: terms)
  • /privacy - Privacy Policy
    (keyword: privacy)
  • /cookie - Cookie Policy
    (keyword: cookie)
  • /contact - Contact Us
    (keyword: contact)
  • /blog or /news - Blog
    (keyword: blog)
  • /product - Commerce Product
    (keyword: product or product_bundle for bundles)
  • /shop - Commerce Shop
    (keyword: shop or shop-filter when passing data to the URL)
  • /account/offers - My Offers
    (keyword: account_offers)
  • /account - Customer Home
    (keyword: account_customer_menu - this can be a page or a snippet)
  • /blog_view - View a Blog Page
    (keyword: blog_view)
  • /offer - View an Offer
    (keyword: offer)
  • /events - All Events
    (keyword: events or eventscalendar)
  • /event/# - Event View
    (keyword: event_view)
  • /event/map - Event Map
    (keyword: event_map)
  • /faq - FAQ
    (keyword: faq)
  • /business/menu - Business Tools Menu
    (keyword: account_business_menu)
  • /directory/profile - Directory Profile
    (keyword: directory_profile)
  • /schedule/# - Scheduler
    (keyword: schedule_appointment)
  • /form/# - Form
    (keyword: form_confirmation)

In order to enable this feature, all you have to do is:

  1. Create a new content page
  2. Assign the marketing keyword to the keyword displayed. For example to replace the Contact Us page at, setup a content page with marketing keyword contact

If you want to disable this feature, then change the marketing keyword or set the page to Draft mode.

Injecting a Snippet on a Page
You can also inject a snippet on an out of the box page where we've enabled this feature.  To add a snippet to these pages, simply setup a new page and set it as page type Snippet.  Then set the marketing keyword to include on that page.

  • /events - Events Page
    (keyword: event_snippet)
  • /events/map - Events Map
    (keyword: event_map_snippet)

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