PeopleVine allows you to host your domain name and sub-domain names within our environment in an effort to drive traffic based on lead source and/or bring your web presence into our host free environment.

Configuring your DNS Server

Here are the quick few steps you need to do, in order to setup your domain name.  You will need access to your DNS (check with the person who bought your domain name):

  1. Create a new TXT Record with host @ and point it to
  2. Create a CNAME for www (or whichever you need) and point to
  3. Update your A record for @ to point to

**Instructions from common DNS providers:

Setting up your domain in PeopleVine

Once logged into PeopleVine, navigate to the control panel by click the ⚙ cog icon on the right hand side.

Select Domain Names under Settings and Tools. 

From here select 'Create a Domain Name'

From this menu enter your domain name and select your page layout for use with the domain.

Finally configure your redirect for the top-level domain.

Configuring an SSL Certificate

When completing the previous steps ensure to check the "Enable SSL" box and we will assign a certificate to your domain. 

Once you're done with these steps, fill out this form and we'll complete the process.

Custom domain usage is currently only available to paid PeopleVine Plans

Out-of-the-box Domain Names

We allow you to setup domain names under the following URLs and they work right away!  



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