Make sure you add your member domain name too (while you're at it)
CNAME member POINT TO portal.peoplevine.com

Then setup your SPAM prevention settings:

1) TXT SPF record to include our servers

v=spf1 mx a ip4: include:sendgrid.net include:email.peoplevine.com include:email.peoplevine.net ~all

or just append this if you have one already

ip4: include:sendgrid.net include:email.peoplevine.com include:email.peoplevine.net

2) CNAME sender POINT TO sender.peoplevine.net

3) CNAME s1._domainkey POINT TO s1._domainkey.peoplevine.net

4) CNAME s2._domainkey POINT TO s2._domainkey.peoplevine.net

5) TXT _dmarc VALUE v=DMARC1;p=none;

Lastly please look for an e-mail from our partner Sendgrid to finalize the sender authentication. This will require an additional CNAME with an em prefix.


Setup Your SPF record, this is critical!

PeopleVine currently uses SendGrid as their backbone for sending e-mails outbound from our platform.  They have provided an article on how you can ensure your messages do not go to the SPAM or Junk Mail folder for your customers.

Make sure you setup your SPF record for sendgrid.net.  See this tutorial for more information: https://sendgrid.com/docs/Glossary/spf.html.  You may need someone on your IT team to complete this activity.

Set the Host to @ and the TXT Value to below.

In simple terms you need to setup or add to your TXT record the following:

v=spf1 mx a ip4: include:sendgrid.net include:email.peoplevine.com include:email.peoplevine.net ~all

If you currently have an SPF record setup, please ensure our ip4 and include statements are part of your SPF record by copying the following before the ~all text. For example:

ip4: include:sendgrid.net include:email.peoplevine.com include:email.peoplevine.net


Prepare for DKIM Setup

Setting up a Domain Key (DKIM) you further identify your e-mails that they came securely from your server.  In your DNS, we recommend you setup the following DNS entries:

  • CNAME - Host: sender - URL: sender.peoplevine.net
  • CNAME - Host: s1._domainkey - URL: s1._domainkey.peoplevine.net
  • CNAME - Host: s2._domainkey - URL: s2._domainkey.peoplevine.net

Once you have this in place, please send a request to support@peoplevine.com to setup your DKIM.  Simply provide us with the email address your emails are being sent from. 


Add a DMARC Record

The DMARC record provides an additional level of authentication by telling the email providers to either accept my emails or reject them based on the SPF and DKIM in place.  Please note that setting this up incorrectly (or forgetting to add the correct SPF and DKIM) can cause your emails to go right to SPAM.  To setup your DMARC, do this:

  • TXT - Host: _dmarc - TXT Value: v=DMARC1; p=none;

If you are interested in other handling, change to p=none or p=quarantine from p=reject.

How can I validate my settings are in place?
Once you have set this up, you can validate your settings are in place by going to https://mxtoolbox.com/domain/<yourdomain.com>/ and replacing <yourdomain.com> with your web address, e.g. https://mxtoolbox.com/domain/peoplevine.com/

Whitelisting IP Addresses
If you need to whitelist our origination servers where the e-mails are generated from, please include these IP Addresses:,,,

How do I test my emails for SPAM?

There are many websites out there that can check for your emails going to spam.  Since, SpamAssassin is one of the larger SPAM authorities out there, we recommend you using a SPAM checker that has this incorporated. Personally we use Mail Tester which provides some good detail on what to fix. 


How does PeopleVine prevent emails from going to SPAM?

Out of the box, we have added several items to our outgoing marketing and transaction emails to ensure that SPAM filters do not block messages.  This includes:

  • We automatically create a TEXT version along with an HTML version of your outgoing email.
  • We include a list-unsubscribe header for all marketing emails which makes it easier for people to unsubscribe vs. reporting it as SPAM.
  • We added ALT tags to included images (but make sure you do this for yours too).
  • We use long URLs for all links, so please avoid using short URLs.
  • Our padding and tracking is lightweight, so your messages are small.
  • We include your company name, address and other contact info in the footer automatically.


Need more help?

There are some good tutorials out there to help prevent your messages from going to SPAM, but the most important one is DO NOT buy lists, make sure people subscribe to you directly.

SendGrid also published a nice article, so follow the best practices in this article to minimize the SPAM effect: https://sendgrid.com/blog/10-tips-to-keep-email-out-of-the-spam-folder/

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