5 simple steps to loading a CSV:

  1. Save the file as a .csv (comma separated value)

  2. Go to the settings menu and click on Import Data

  3. First import customer data and map at least the e-mail, mobile number or customer reference, in order to tie the member to the CRM record.

  4. Once imported, make sure that your membership programs have the corresponding membership sku as the CSV.

  5. Once your membership sku matches what’s in your CSV, select to import members and map the relevant fields.Make sure you map at least (or all) the e-mail, mobile number and/or customer reference to link to the CRM record.


PeopleVine provides you with the means to import data directly into your account. When importing members into the platform, please follow these steps:

  1. You first need to import your customer list:

  • Ensure your spreadsheet is saved as a CSV file.

  • Then under the company tools (click on your company name), click Import Data.

  • Select that you are importing People / Customers.

  • When mapping the data, ensure you map either an email address or mobile number.  Skip over the membership related fields.

2. While your customers are being imported, you need to set up the membership types in PeopleVine.

  • When setting up these membership types, make sure you create a membership sku which you will refer to in your CSV file.

  • Keep in mind you can match imported data to the fields on a membership card, so ensure you set those up properly (e.g. Field 1).

3. After your customers are imported and the membership types are setup, you can now import your members.

  • Go to the company tools and click on Import Data

  • Select Members to a Membership from the import type

  • Attach the CSV file

  • Map the data (ensure that you have mapped a membership_sku along with some identifier of the customer such as email or mobile number; membership statusshould be set to active, inactive or pending)

  • Click Import

If you'd like each new member to receive an e-mail confirmation, we suggest you setup an Instant Notification Template which would automatically send an email or an sms to the member with a link to download their digital membership card. Keep in mind if you don't want them to receive a notification, you must set the notification to draft while importing.

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